Of interest in the garden this week..


Perfectly simple white blooms with a sweet spicy fragrance, Michelia doltsopa.


Often overlooked due it to its association with scrappy car park verges, the genus Skimmia contains many delights with a long season of interest and a delicious fragrance in spring reminiscent of their Citrus relatives.


Cyclamen repandum spreading along the path.


A firery awakening to the leaves of this Podocarpus.


A promise of what is to come later in the season, fresh and fiery Chasmanthe aethiopica. 

Garden Opening 5th April

Come and see the spirit of spring at Lamorran House Gardens, which will be opening its gates once again next week. Come along on a Wednesday or Friday, from 10am – 5pm, to see the garden awakening this spring.

Cyathea australis.jpg

The majestic fronds of Cyathea australis, the Rough Tree Fern, unfurling in the morning light.