October at Lamorran

It’s both sad and exciting to say goodbye to summer, but hello to the gorgeous autumn colours that now grace the tree tops. With the cold weather coming in it’s time to take good care of the garden in preparation for winter. And that means bringing in those tenders, propagating your favourites, and a good … Continue reading October at Lamorran

Thank you to visitors!

Another summer season has passed, the cold winds are arising, and the autumn colours are settling in on the leaves. There is no need to despair though, in fact as I sit here on the terrace, in respectful admiration of the (horrendously rainy) weather, I can’t help but think this is the perfect time to … Continue reading Thank you to visitors!

Of interest in the garden this week..

Perfectly simple white blooms with a sweet spicy fragrance, Michelia doltsopa. Often overlooked due it to its association with scrappy car park verges, the genus Skimmia contains many delights with a long season of interest and a delicious fragrance in spring reminiscent of their Citrus relatives. Cyclamen repandum spreading along the path. A firery awakening … Continue reading Of interest in the garden this week..