The Gift of Gardening

We are well into February and romance is all around. Valentine’s Day is upon us and the cold nights are perfect for cosy evenings in cuddling up with loved ones. Instead of spending your hard earned money on overpriced chocolates, why not give your amore a plant for a present this year? This gift will certainly last a lot longer than any bar of dairy milk (which if you’re anything like me, appears to vanish just as soon as it is opened) and it promises to brighten up their garden for years to come! If this concept has piqued your interest and you’re curious for ideas for that special someone in your life, then continue reading this (slightly soppy) blog post for a few great examples from here at Lamorran Gardens.

December at Lamorran

It’s the end of the year and you could hardly tell here at Lamorran Gardens. You may wonder, how that could possibly be true? All around the country right now deciduous trees have shed their autumn colours, their leaves scattered to the winds, and the skyline a series of empty branches which cold air breezes … Continue reading December at Lamorran