The Gift of Gardening

We are well into February and romance is all around. Valentine’s Day is upon us and the cold nights are perfect for cosy evenings in cuddling up with loved ones. Instead of spending your hard earned money on overpriced chocolates, why not give your amore a plant for a present this year? This gift will certainly last a lot longer than any bar of dairy milk (which if you’re anything like me, appears to vanish just as soon as it is opened) and it promises to brighten up their garden for years to come! If this concept has piqued your interest and you’re curious for ideas for that special someone in your life, then continue reading this (slightly soppy) blog post for a few great examples from here at Lamorran Gardens.


For anyone in mind that is a lover of big, bold, and bountiful blooms you can’t go wrong with Camellia shrubs. These flamboyant plants boast large flowers in a variety of colours that continue to put on a show for months! They can handle slightly shadier areas but require acidic soil so may be best suited to a container depending on your garden of choice. Check out your local nursery for an array of different varieties from bee friendly singles, to hypnotising doubles that you can’t help but stare at for hours.


For anyone who lives for the summer time, Cistus are the perfect match! These shrubs are happy in dry or gravel gardens and are often found in Mediterranean regions. Your love will find these dainty flowers reminiscent of time spent travelling abroad in romantic lands where they can be seen colouring in the sunny landscapes. So if you’re affection in question has fond memories of time spent in Italy, then bring that holiday feeling home with this beautiful evergreen.

For your very own ray of sunshine, the humble Daffodil never fails to please. Plants nowadays can cost you a limb or two, but Daffodils are a continuous crowd pleaser that won’t drain the budget. Invest in a few bulbs and you can have cut flowers every year that decorate your living room and brighten up your day!


If you’ve got a stylish, sophisticate you’re eager to please, then a Fuschia splendens is a wise choice. Other species have attractive flowers resemble hanging hearts (so you can show just how much you adore them) that group together in a show of pink as they cascade down their leafy backdrop. Alternatively, Abutilon is another elegant option coming into bloom here now.  Long arching stems host multiple passionate red flowers and are a perfect match for any plant admirer out there!


If you know a nature lover who wants more than a bit of eye candy, the Magnolia tree is a treasure. One of life’s simple pleasures is to touch these velvety soft buds and watch them continue to grow and bloom into magnificent white flower.

Finally, for that fun person that brings colour into your life you can’t go wrong with a petite Cyclamen plant. Its small size is made up for in wow factor, and no winter’s day will be gloomy so long as one of these beauties is nearby! Another bonus is that this display will come back year after year and in greater numbers. Now, what says everlasting love like that?

Roses are traditional at this time year, though not yet in flower now, our Rose Garden is a sight to see! In May as the flowers awaken, a pleasure of the senses unfolds as their sweet scent perfumes the air, delicate petals of white and shades of pink ramble over walls and entwine over tall pillars. Fancy seeing it for yourself? Then why not treat yourself and your beloved by visiting us or booking a stay at Lamorran Gardens Lodge accommodation. It’s perfect for a peaceful retreat where you can tour this plantsman’s paradise with your amore and take in the views of the Cornish seaside – and maybe even get a cream tea or two.

So save yourself the trouble of buying in chocolates and expensive roses that are imported, dragged across land and sea just to satisfy consumerist ideals. If you wish to show your affection, pop in to your local nursery instead and give the gift of gardening this year. The flowers will not last a short two weeks but a life time.  And I think that’s certainly a more romantic way of showing just how much you care. That said, the gift of chocolate too probably wouldn’t hurt…

Keep planting and keep posted,

Blog by Hannah Berry

Lover’s Pond at Lamorran Gardens

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