November at Lamorran

This autumn we’ve had our fair share of rainy days here at Lamorran, which makes those clear sunny skies even more welcome! So on these rare dry days of opportunity, I had decided to go out and capture some of the best bits the garden has to offer. Just because winter is almost here doesn’t mean the garden has to be dull! We’re quite lucky in our sheltered spot in St Mawes, the extra warmth means some of our plants like to stay up late past summer meaning there’s still plenty to see! Keep scrolling for some colourful flowers and inspiring plants that are of interest this season…

Agapetes daintily hanging around…

First, who doesn’t immediately fall in love with this Agapetes ‘Ludgvan Cross’? Located by the bird bath near the wedding Cupola dome, this evergreen shrub gracefully arches its branches of flowers. Clusters of pink, patterned, bell-shaped flowers dot along the branch. I find the markings captivating and this plant always sticks out in my memory.



One of the plants I’ve come to adore here is this Solanum laciniatum. This shrub (also commonly known as Kangaroo Apple) has delicate violet flowers in the summer followed by the ripening of fleshy fruits in the winter. These awesome fruits pictured add a nice pop of colour in amongst the jungle like foliage of the surrounding area.


Thing really started getting exciting in the garden when the Camellia started to flower! On a sunny day, with these delicate flowers painting the view, the garden really comes to life. I am amazed to see a few roses still flowering in late November. It gives me fond memories of summer when the Rose Garden was a haze of white and pink blooms…



This Banksia looks enchanting as it leans towards the morning sun. I love the different textures it creates and the squirrels love playing on it too!



Salvia plants are a common feature throughout this garden, and this Salvia leucantha continues to provide bright pokes of colour continuously throughout summer and autumn. If you’re interested in this evergreen sub-shrub, also known as Mexican Bush Sage, you’ll be pleased to know it is great for taking cuttings. I’d definitely recommend these plants for anyone wanting to add some excitement and texture in the garden, and wish for long term interest into the later half of the year.

This December we plan on starting some of our big projects. We’ve recently started work on revamping a rocky bed and I’m excited to see what the finished result will look like. Keep checking in for updates to see what we’ve been up to!


Keep planting & keep posted,

Blog by Hannah Berry


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