Gardening is the answer

As we turn the calendar page to a new year, we are reminded that the new garden season is not too far away. It is true, there is still time to worry about possible strong winds or colder weather, but as the bulbs start pushing through the soil with early camellias and shrubs flowering here and there in the garden, we know that from now on we are moving towards a new spring season and beyond.

But I feel we cannot go forward if we do not mark what happened in the last 12 months.

As we were getting ready for the garden opening in March 2020  the Nation went into lockdown and restrictions were brought across the country, people could not leave their homes except for 1 hour a day for some form of exercise. We realised there and then that the gardens could not open for the foreseeable future and that our regular visitors could not witness the changes brought about during the winter season and could not enjoy the beautiful sea and garden views they come for every year.

Palm Parajubaea Cocoides

Jake was taking some time off as Jessica and he just had their first child, a beautiful little girl, and Robert and I tried to keep up the standards by dedicating regular hours to the maintenance of the garden. We agreed that, for everyone’s safety, it would be better for Jake to be furloughed for a while.

Easter came and so did the unusually good weather for that time of the year. We were able to enjoy a blooming garden under sunny skies through weeks and months. Such a treat and something we had not experienced so much in previous years. It was as if nature was trying to apologise for the awful predicament that was unfolding, by giving us endless blue skies, or maybe she had decided that the time had come to reset the button, and this pandemic was her chance!

Rhododendrons Loderi King George and Unique

We felt incredibly lucky, and still do, bearing in mind what was going on outside our gates. We were enjoying our garden every day and we could benefit from being outside not just one hour a day, but as long as we wanted to.

Last year, because of the good weather, the flowering season went on and on. The Rose Garden was absolutely glorious, after 5 years since its creation, it had now reached some maturity and the rambling and climbing roses were a riot of colour. We registered the best year for camellias, the plant compositions in the flower beds were all doing their best to be noticed. But we had nobody to share it with!

Calabrachoa and Gazanias
Cornus Kousa Chinensis

Nevertheless, we worked hard to keep everything tidy including improving some of the areas in the garden, in readiness for an open day that we hoped would come sometime during the summer.

Finally, on the 8 July 2020 this became possible. Jake was back working in the garden. We placed various notices of dos and don’ts, we arranged a one-way system for the garden visitors so that they did not cross each other, we cleaned and sanitised regularly our cloakroom facilities to keep everyone safe. We organised visiting schedules and everyone was so patient and good humoured. Unfortunately we were unable to open La Terrazza, our coffee shop. “Such a shame….” were most of the comments “….we were so looking forward to our cream tea”.

Rhododendron Countess of Haddington

Something had been definitely missing……….. our visitors are an integral part of our garden during the season and for us very much part of the enjoyment of having a garden like Lamorran.

We were missing our regular visitors with their questions, commenting on little subtle changes, and some not to subtle Most of all visitors come back every year to see their favourite part of the garden, and those who visit us for the first time being so surprised to find such exotic and subtropical vegetation in a Cornish garden!

 I even learnt names of plants, I had previously decided were too complicated to try and remember.

Hydrangea Enziandom

We would like to thank wholeheartedly those visitors who managed to visit Lamorran in 2020. Their kind words and support have not gone unnoticed  but greatly appreciated.

Well, here we are again another year, 2021, and the memory of it all still very much alive as the same question arises “Are we going to be able to open this year?” The answer in all probability is yes, but when we are not sure yet. The vaccine is with us and we all look to it as the spark plug required to restart our lives. Well, Jake, Robert and I are working in the garden in readiness, The rose garden is being pruned and attended to as I write with the assistance of a very special volunteer for the day!

Rose Garden
Young Buzzard – Rose garden helper

The garden for the time of the year, looks really tidy and ready to please, all we need now are you, our visitors…………

Please check our website regularly for opening times, we will be guided by the Government directive.


Instagram: @lamorran_house_garden 



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