A Tour of Lamorran

Welcome to a virtual tour of Lamorran Gardens! Time has flown by this year, our springtime pink, Azalea flowers have given way to bright, blue Hydrangea mop heads. Soon in the coming weeks, the garden will start to feature autumnal colours of rich reds and earthy tones provided by elegant Acer trees as the weather turns colder.  Summer is almost over and sadly, so too soon is the chance to visit. So seeing as we only have a limited number of open days remaining until we close for winter, I thought I’d compile some of the best bits of the garden just in case you can’t make it this year! Read on to see some of the highlights of our guided route…



As you enter you will be greeted by the sounds of rippling water and the sight of a tranquil Koi Carp Pond. Walking past the lawns you will begin to notice there are palm trees everywhere you look! Joining them, our wide collection of tall tree ferns catch the eyes and dot the skyline with large fronds of green.

Continuing on to the terrace, the scent of lemon trees invites you to sit down at the Café Terrazza. Here, on a beautiful sunny day, you could swear you were transported on holiday to Italy, and it is the perfect place to take in your surroundings along with a tasty cream tea. (You may also happen to find the friendly household dogs Maddie & Oscar sunbathing, or the residing Robin trying to eat the occasional breadcrumb.)



Following the guided route will lead you past the Ladies of Lamorran and into the Walled Garden. Olive trees bake in the sun here whilst the scent of lavender colours the air, and Pelargonium flowers continuously pop up in their urns throughout the open season.

Passing into the Rose Garden we have over 200 plants each selected for their scent and colour. Come to see them at their best in July as they twine, climb, and come alive on their pillars.



Walking past No .9 in the Spring you may have already seen plenty of stunning species Camellia! In flower at this moment is one of my favourites, a Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Zorro’ with delicate, thin, black stems. If you look up while walking down this pathway you’ll take notice of Eucryphia x nymansensis with dainty, open white flowers. Along this route you’ll also have the pleasure of meeting our trusty garden lizard!



The numbers will lead you past the Wishing Well, through the Japanese inspired grotto, across a small bridge, and into the Cupola. This is the perfect view point. It is especially beautiful when the nearby Caesalpinia decapetala subsp. japonica cascades down its yellow flowers through the ornate metal roof.

Adventuring on to No.12 you will feel like you’ve escaped the UK and into the wilds of the jungle. Several varieties of bamboo screen the path with their canes and you can even spot a few banana plants! This path will lead you to the Roman Waterfall adorned in ferns. Following the sign for No.14 you can enjoy a pleasant rest in the summerhouse. Nearby will lead to the ruins of the Folly, which has one of the best look outs onto the sea.


As the journey continues you will love to explore our South Eastern bank, sitting down at the bottom you can gaze up for a lovely display of plants native to warmer regions like New Zealand to Australia. In the spring, this rocky hillside has pops of colour from vibrant, purple Allium, as well as exciting textures from flowering Protea and Leucospermum.  You definitely won’t want to miss our Wisteria when in flower as our walkway encases you in their graceful, hanging flowers.

Past the central staircase you’ll notice Flavia’s Pond where Cleopatra poses against a backdrop of papyrus. Heading towards the bottom of the garden you’ll see all our weird and wonderful succulents! From the giant (and very spikey) Agave americana (which also happens to provide sweet, delicious, tequila) to playful ice plants, Crassula, Aloe, and Echevaria, which you can see planted on the stone beds.



That concludes the virtual tour! I hope this inspires you to come and see it for yourself as there is so much that you can’t simply describe with words, you just have to experience it in person. This garden is designed for you to explore and to have an adventure! When I first visited I felt like a kid running around these maze like pathways, so I always encourage people to go off route, explore, and find your own hidden spots. So ignore the numbers, there’s plenty for you to see and have fun!

Even though at the end of September we will be closing to the public for winter, we always have many plants of interest and plenty of projects underway. For updates and to see what happens in the gardens behind the scenes, feel free to check in here on our website or Instagram @Lamorranhousegardens. A big thanks to those who have visited so far, we hope you have enjoyed your time here and welcome you back again next year to watch the garden grow!


Keep planting and keep posted,

Blog by Hannah Berry


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