Thank you to visitors!

Another summer season has passed, the cold winds are arising, and the autumn colours are settling in on the leaves. There is no need to despair though, in fact as I sit here on the terrace, in respectful admiration of the (horrendously rainy) weather, I can’t help but think this is the perfect time to reflect on this year’s growth and be grateful for the bounty of life that is around us. Luckily, through gardening we are in a position to share our passions and the beauty this creates with others in the hopes that it brightens a stranger’s day. So for this month’s addition to the blog, I will be picking out some of the kindest comments we’ve received from our visitors this year (that have certainly brightened my day reading them) and giving them a big thank you!



The Jones from the West Midlands

‘A hidden gem, full of unexpected and beautiful views and landscapes.’

Great all round description, I couldn’t have put it better myself- thank you Jones family! It’s true this garden features so many twists and turns that leave you excited for the journey and eager for more…

Marilyn, Newquay

‘So wonderful – good for the soul – thank you’

Liz & Hilton, Lyne 

‘Perhaps the most magical garden we have ever visited. Breath taking.’

 (If you are in need of a bit of respite or serenity for the soul, this secluded, intimate garden is the one to visit. With plenty of seating around the garden, you’ll be sure to find your own cosy spot to simply enjoy the moment.)



Daphne & Kris

‘Such a wonderful relaxing garden & a savoury cream tea to round it off.’

News alert to all cream tea lovers out there, Maria is famous for her homemade scones, come to the café next year, try for yourself and see!

The Cherry family

‘A verdant, luscious labyrinth, languidly looping above the estuary. Cherry rating 10/10’

(This one did make me giggle and a little tongue tied! Glad we successfully entertained the whole family!)


Mark & Andrew, Staffordshire

‘Wow!! Italy in Cornwall (Fantastico!)’

 Andreas & Michael, Germany

‘We’ll never ever forget the most beautiful garden in the world: yours! It is incredible, breath taking, adventurous. A garden on earth that will have a resemblance to one in heaven. We highly appreciate to have visited Lamorran Gardens. It’s a masterpiece!!’


Thank you to everyone who contributed with their kind comments. Your words inspire us to continue our hard work and keep this incredibly special place an idyllic spot for all gardening enthusiasts! These heart warming words show me that it doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, whether you’re local or from halfway across the world, everyone can come together to appreciate the wonderful vigour that is nature at work.

We hope your days here have given you a smile on your face and some great photos! If you would like to share your own Lamorran experience, good, bad, or funny, please feel free to leave a comment below. Looking forward to seeing you again in April, until next year!

For updates on Lamorran Gardens throughout the winter months continue to check in on the website for more blog entries.

Keep planting and keep posted,

Blog by Hannah Berry

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