Highlights of Lamorran

Our weather is finally turning warmer, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing their sweet songs. The garden is really starting to liven up with the fresh spring air, which is why it is so frustrating to be cooped up inside right now just when things are getting exciting. For many, staying at home has left us yearning for nature through our windows and digital screens. So, thought I could bring the gardens to youFor anyone seeking an adventure for next year, or simply in need of a look at some refreshing greenery, keep scrolling for a taste of the outdoors that you can appreciate from the comfort of your own home. 


Lamorran Garden truly is a plantsmans paradise. Palms thrive hereIn fact, they are everywhere you look! This is all thanks to the locations forgiving microclimate, here the garden is warmed by the sea and sheltered from harsh winds. (This niche hasn’t even seen snow settle in almost 30 years.Such a fortunate combination has enabled Lamorran to become the most northernly palm garden in the world! And for this reason, we have the chance to grow exciting plants outdoors you wouldn’t often see elsewhere in the UK.  

 Inspiration is drawn from many cultures; the scent of lavender and sight of olive trees may find you reminiscent of the Mediterranean.  Or perhaps walking past elegant Acer trees and swaying bamboo will have you conjuring up images of strolling across serene Japanese garden paths... No matter what piques your fancy the garden makes you a promise, it is never disappointingThere is always a plant of interest putting on a show whatever time of year. You could see a picture perfect Camellia, fluffy Protea, or a growing Tetrapanax papyrifer with leaves so large you can’t help but look up in awe. Check out the slideshow below for some pretty petals I’ve captured during my time here… 

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Water brings a nourishing quality to a garden. Where there is water there is a bounty of life. Whether it be the rhythmic movements of fish in the ponds, or playful newts darting under the surface of the water. (Or the delight of spotting the many elusive tiny frogs!) This garden hosts several ponds and water features across its many levels, ensuring you hear the comforting sounds of distant rippling water throughout your stay. One of personal favourites is Flavia’s Pond, where you can find Cleopatra accompanied by a clump of papyrus (Cyperus involucratus) as delicate purple Campanula flowers drape across the rocky brickwork. See the photos below to see how water features can benefit and beautify your garden. 

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Part of the fun of visiting here is exploring the maze that is the garden. Large, evergreen hedges of Camellia and Griselinia littoralis guide you down the slope, while tall trees linger overhead as fern frondstretch reaching across to welcome you. The winding pathways offer hidden gems and secluded spots to sit and enjoy in peaceful solitude.  Continuing your adventure and successfully navigating the twists and turns you are often rewarded by taking a moment to sit and catch your breath, only to have it taken away by a shimmering view out to the sea.  

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What makes this garden so attractive to the eye is the inclusion of rustic, aged, architectural elementsPillars, stone staircases, worn brick archways, all bring a sense of formality to the overall design. Whilst also adding to romantic illusion that you could be exploring a longforgotten placereclaimed by the wild tendencies of nature. Ornately crafted urns and sculptures decorate the space peeking out at you from in between palm fronds. Even if you’re not a plant enthusiast, there’s still so much to beauty to enjoy. 

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of some of the best bits Lamorran has to offer. If you’re passionate about gardening this season then why not have a look on the Candide? Join the Candide community to share beautiful photos from your garden. Identify plants in seconds and get advice on how to grow them at home. Learn from expert garden writers and follow daily updates from the horticultural world. Download the app to explore gardens near and far. Unearth the stories of the UK’s best gardens with their exclusive audio tours! Or for more from us here at the garden, feel free to follow us on social media to stay updated with our future nature photos. Stay safe and wishing you well from the Lamorran Garden team! 

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Candide: https://candidegardening.com/GB/places/4a33aa4448ace3bdde9d0a3b950fa316?utm_source=lamorran-house-garden&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=partner-garden-link


Keep planting and keep posted, 

 Blog by Hannah Berry 

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