April at Lamorran

April has arrived, the sun is shining, and the garden is now officially open! Whether you’re an avid gardener, a rhododendron fanatic, or just fancy a fun day out with some cake, Lamorran gardens is the place to be. Being blessed with a sub-tropical climate, here at Lamorran we’re lucky enough to host a collection of exotic ferns and palm trees that sway in the breeze. All this makes it the perfect tropical escape without the price tag of airplane ticket! Read on for a closer look into some of our rarities you will likely not encounter elsewhere in the UK, and for some highlights of the best blooms in flower at the moment here in the garden.

One of our plants of interest this week has been the ever so fragrant Amomyrtus luma, which while in flower show a haze of delicate yellow flowers. You can catch a photo of this specimen just by the entrance and dare I say it is worth a sniff too.

Amomyrtus luma in flower, it can also produce edible berries.

Any great Cornish garden will have a selection of rhododendrons to please the eye, and that is certainly what our Rhododendron ‘Janet’ manages to do. Even though the name might not quite be that exciting or evocative, these blooms certainly are as they reach for the sky in clouds of pinks and white. And if that shrub doesn’t please you, then just further along the pathway we have the even bigger and better floral display that our Rhododendron loderi ‘King George’ has to offer! This plant features bright pink buds which slowly open up and ease into tinged white clusters of large flowers.

People who appreciate ferns will love visiting and seeing our selection unfurl their curled up fronds as they reawaken for the sunny seasons! Shown here is one of our towering tree ferns, a Dicksonia squarosa which greets you next to the lawn.


Our towering Dicksonia squarosa

Another unique addition to Lamorran gardens are our Kauri trees. Native to New Zealand, Agathis australis has managed to successfully acclimatise in spite of our British weather and grow to an incredible 20ft! Seeing as this tough tree can be one of the longest living trees in the world, I am excited to see just how big it can get. Only time will tell!

One more tree that you may not encounter elsewhere is the Eriobotrya deflexa which is planted at the bottom end of the gardens and has grown close to 20ft since planting. A relative of the loquat, in the right conditions it can produce fruits. But the real exciting bit is the emerging bright red foliage, be sure to come see it while it lasts!


Another little gem you may notice on your tour around the garden are the multitudes of Crassula multicava. A relative to the well sought after Jade plant (Crassula ovata) this sweet succulent has added colour to the scene by rapidly spreading over our rocky ­­­­­landscapes, coating them with a layer of green and pink flowers.

As much as I would love to bombard this blog with all my many photos of the gorgeous flowers we have on show here, I simply can’t fit it all in! So you’re looking to escape the modern world for a bit, pay us a visit, bask in the sun underneath our numerous palm fronds, cast your eyes over the rivers of bluebells, alliums and cyclamen that flow through the garden, get that tropical feeling, and see it for yourself.

Keep planting & keep posted for more info at Lamorran!


Blog by Hannah Berry


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