March at Lamorran


My favourite camellia of choice, Camellia japonica ‘Ava Maria’

Spring has arrived at Lamorran gardens and the flowers here are ready to show off! Ever eager to burst out at the first hints of the sunnier season, our camellias are now in full bloom and ready to impress. We have several varieties here to see, big and small, that can be seen stretching out through the site by gracefully draping over archways and framing the majority of the garden paths. As they accompany you throughout the garden you can’t help but notice the vibrancy of their colours as they dazzle you in an array of rich reds, classic whites, and shades of pink. One of my personal favourites is Camellia japonica ‘Ava Maria’ with its compact petals and subtle feminine colouring. When it comes to back garden beauty, few plants can rival the gorgeous double blooms camellias have to offer!

If you are as in love with these stunning plants as I am, you will be glad to know that camellias are reasonably low maintenance. These evergreens require very little pruning, are generally problem free of pests & diseases, with a preference for dappled light. Meaning that all you really have to do is stick one in humus rich, acidic soil and it will take care of itself. (Making them the perfect addition to any Cornish garden!) If you are a pollinator conscious gardener though, I’d recommend leaving the doubles at the nursery and sticking to bee friendly single varieties such as the popular ‘Donation’ or ‘Cornish Snow’. The good news is with over 250 species there’s plenty of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, so there’s bound to be a camellia that is perfect for you.

Even if you aren’t blessed with the ideal soil conditions for camellias, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost! If this is the case, our head gardener suggests using containers filled with an ericaceous compost in addition to giving a small amount of acidic feed on a regular basis to resolve the issue. Although these plants are slow growing, depending on your container size your plant may still need potting up every few years.

So if you are keen to see these beauties, come and visit us when we re-open in April on Wednesdays and Fridays. (And if these photos don’t fully entice you to come by, then we have plenty of tea & cakes in supply too!) For more pictures of the garden through the year, check out our new Instagram page @lamorran_house_gardens.

Keep planting & keep posted for more news at Lamorran!



Horticultural apprentice at Lamorran House Gardens

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